Clear Recycling Containers by Recycle Clear
Recycle Clear is a company providing "innovative recycling solutions" with the best in quality, workmanship and service for recycling and waste receptacles. We designed our products to be easy to use, assemble and maintain and are collapsible for storage. Our products are constructed of reclaimed steel to make them affordable and feature space for advertising to help pay for the units and earn you money in the long run. The clear view of the contents provides increased safety to compliment Homeland Security needs in high traffic public locations.

We offer a stylish, effective solution for recycling and waste collection in high visibility common collection sites. Because these units can be used individually or easily attached to create a collection system, Recycle Clear containers are ideal for a variety of high traffic locations. All of our products offer a clear front panel to avoid contamination of recyclables and increase security visibility when placed in public areas.

Recycle Clear products are customizable to fit your individual needs. We offer four different base styles and the lids can be made to accommodate trash, glass/cans/plastic or paper.

Our Recycle X receptacle is an easy to use, affordable solution to your recycling needs.  For easy collection, plastic container bags are held in place with a patented hook and loop system constructed of durable heavy gauge steel. This product is perfect for offices, break rooms, copy centers, and indoor/outdoor events. This product can stand alone or include lids for glass/plastic/cans or paper.