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Although Recycle Clear has no formal maintenance brochure for our products, the following general guidelines will apply and should be followed:

As with any product used in a commercial application, an annual or semi-annual inspection of the product should be conducted. Any loose or missing hardware should be tightened or replaced immediately. If any part of the item is found to show excessive wear or is cracked or broken, the product should be taken out of service until all repairs are made.

All recycled plastic components. If the surface requires cleaning only, any household cleaner may be sprayed on and wiped off. If the surface has been marked with graffiti, a high-pressure washer may be used to remove the graffiti.

All steel components have been finished with a baked-on powder coating which offers long-lasting protection against acids, salts, and corrosive moisture. Because of its smooth texture, it will stay cleaner than wet-applied paint or a galvanized surface. If the surface requires cleaning only, any household cleaner may be sprayed on and wiped off. If, however, the finish is abraded to the point of exposing the steel or similarly rusted, lightly sand the surface being careful to remove all rust as well as any loose finish materials. Once this sanding is complete, clean the surface with a solvent such as paint thinner to remove any remaining contaminants which might hinder proper paint adhesion. A good grade of exterior metal primer and top coat of matching color enamel should then be applied over the prepared surface. If you are trying to clean the Stainless Steel portion of the cans, apply a furniture polish then wipe off.